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Software design tools to create, simulate, mathematically verify and automatically generate code for cyber-physical systems.

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Analytical Model-Based Design: Trust what you build

Introducing Dezyne: Software design tools for cyber-physical systems

Dezyne is a software engineering toolset that enables engineers to specify, design, validate and formally verify software components for industrial, medical & automotive systems.

Dezyne’s unique automated verification engine ensures that software designs can be trusted from the start.
The result is automatically generated code of irrefutable quality that can be used to meet product safety and security requirements. Overall, Dezyne results in reduced Product Lifecycle Management costs and lower Total Cost of Ownership.

“Our conclusion is that across the projects that we have done, over the full development cycle, we save about 35% of cost.”
Ron Willems, Director, Sioux Embedded Systems BV
“Their fully integrated design, verification and code generation toolset has delivered major benefits for FEI in terms of finding errors early and delivering better software at a lower cost.”
Martijn Kabel, R&D SW Manager, FEI Company

“It is absolutely true that there is an increased productivity, resulting in reduced development and maintenance costs and therefore more room for adding customer value.”

Michaël van de Ven, Software Technology Specialist, Sioux Embedded Systems BV