For Architects

The Freedom to Align Architecture and Business

Verum accelerates your company’s product development cycles, complementing your existing tools and helping you evolve your applications to a modern stack, without creating technical debt.

Key stakeholders

Enable continuous involvement of key stakeholders.

Architectural compliance

Align architecture and implementation

Architectural evolution

Your architecture matures during implementation

Interfacing with key stakeholders

Interfaces are first-order citizens in Dezyne. Interfaces unambiguously specify the behavior of the software system context. Simulation enables interface validation by non-software stakeholders (such as user experience designers) and software suppliers untrained in Dezyne.

Architectural compliance

Dezyne is both an architectural specification language and a software implementation language. Architects and programmers use the same language and the implementation inherently complies with the architectural design.

Architectural evolution

Dezyne formal verification ensures trustworthy system behavior after architectural changes. While the system is being implemented the architecture evolves accordingly in a guided modus.

Discover Dezyne

In Dezyne, you define components and their interfaces through a familiar and compact C/Java like-language. The Dezyne language is targeted at the logic or event-driven behaviour of an application. The interfaces are the specification and the components are the implementation.

Dezyne automatically verifies semantic correctness of the logic behaviour and proves that the components correctly implement the interfaces. A user can simulate the behaviour to validate whether this is as intended. Diagrams and logical views are generated automatically from the language description. As a final step code can be generated in a number of standard programming languages.

Without having to rely on a process Dezyne automatically highlights problems areas, stimulates communication about these and enforces that components work together.