Industrial Systems

The operation and behaviour of industrial and manufacturing systems of all types can be designed and built with Dezyne. Applications include controlling the normal operation, cyclic behaviour and workflow of any machine, but also extend to initialisation and shutdown, error handling and recovery, and all other kinds of behaviour.

Medical Devices

Medical Devices have all the complexity of Industrial Systems, but with the added challenge of meeting stringent safety requirements. Dezyne provides a solution for ensuring that software designed for healthcare purposes is mathematically complete and formally correct for a range of essential behavioural properties.

Scientific Equipment

Dezyne is ideal for designing software components that control the operation of scientific equipment. Applications include the supervisory control of products of all kinds, but also the control of axes, stages, pumps and all other types of hardware components.


Robots are rapidly becoming highly sophisticated. Dezyne is perfect for ensuring that they behave as intended, that they communicate reliably with their environment and that they operate safely at all times.

Agricultural Equipment

Dezyne is applicable to a wide range of agricultural applications, from the controlling the operation of a milking robot, through sorting fruit and vegetables to the control of greenhouses. Examples include the design and verification of user interactions and workflows, the control of processes and the implementation of reliable communication across sensor networks and distributed devices or actuators.

Defence Systems

When software simply must work under all circumstances and in resource constrained environments, nothing beats the power of Dezyne. Dezyne’s verification engine “tests” every possible way in which a software component can behave and finds design errors that cannot be found any other way, least of all by conventional testing. Code generation can be optimised for bare silicon, memory limited platforms.

Automotive Systems

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are driving the adoption of multi-core/multi-cpu platforms in automotive systems. Dezyne provides an assured way of developing the kinds of reactive, event driven, concurrent applications necessary to realise future ADAS applications. Dezyne eliminates all the difficult problems of concurrency, including deadlocks, live locks and race conditions.

Financial Systems

The security and robustness of payment applications is paramount. Don’t leave a back door open by accident. Use Dezyne to ensure that your application does only what it is supposed to do, nothing more and nothing less. Armour its interfaces to legacy to code detect and trap errant behaviour by less trusted code. In short, use Dezyne to leave nothing to chance when building applications that must be secure.