Prevent and eliminate defects

Dezyne exists to save you time, effort and money building software. It achieves this by providing engineers with the ability to continuously “test” software specifications and designs, preventing entire classes of defects from occurring and ensuring that many of those that do are quickly found and repaired.

Decrease development time and effort

Source code for the resultant components is generated directly from Dezyne specification and design models. The consequence is a dramatic decrease in development effort and time, and a corresponding increase in process predictability and product quality. With Dezyne, building the right system and building the system right has never been easier.

Reduce costs and deliver better quality

Dezyne is based upon well established component engineering principles common place in the hardware world. Software components built with Dezyne are easy to maintain, simple to reuse and straight forward to extend. Dezyne also provides solutions for handling product variance and diversity, and for addressing Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) requirements. Dezyne delivers savings and quality improvements right across the product lifecycle.